Who/What is Ragged Foils?

Ragged Foils Productions was created by Actor, Voice Over Artist and Director Natalie Winter in 2019 with a view to producing a range of work across Audio and Theatre.

Our first project, The Ragged Scratch Podcast, released Season 1 in September 2019!


The Ragged Scratch Podcast - Episodes and More!


The Ragged Scratch Podcast is a New Writing Scratch Night with a difference - 12 pieces of exciting New Writing audiodramas per season, brought to you in weekly bitesize chunks through your headphones!


Get Involved!


Submissions are currently closed. Please follow us on social media @RaggedFoils to hear when we are accepting submissions for Season 2.

Unfortunately this first season is an unpaid project, but we will be looking for funding opportunities for further seasons.

Further details about the recording process can be found on the application forms, if you have any further questions please get in touch!



Submissions should be new pieces between 5 and 8 minutes long, written specifically for the audio format and either be a whole piece or a section of a larger piece that stands alone.​

Your piece could be any genre - comedy, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, horror... but please keep in mind that any sound effects will have to be sourced or created by the actors, so pieces that are not intrinsically reliant on loads of sound effects are preferred!

Ragged Foils is committed to telling diverse stories, so submissions from writers of all ages, genders, sexualities, races, abilities and ages are encouraged.

Writers will not need to be present at the recording, but are more than welcome!


(Submissions are currently closed)​

Directors must be willing to commit to attending the recording day, plus one other rehearsal (either in-person or via Skype etc) with their allocated actors.

Support in sourcing foley and sfx can be provided, but this will mainly be the responsibility of the director.

Please let us know on the application form if you would be interested in directing multiple pieces (we won't ask you to direct more than 2, due to time commitments and it being an unpaid project)

(Submissions are currently closed)

Voice Actors must be willing to commit to attending the recording day, plus one other rehearsal (either in-person or via Skype etc) with their allocated directors.

Roles available will be dependent on the scripts selected, but we are committed to diverse representation both in the stories told and actors performing. 

You may be asked to fill in smaller roles in pieces other than your main piece, so please make sure your portfolios are up to date with samples of your performance range! Actors without voice acting reels on their portfolio cannot be considered.

(Submissions are currently closed)

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