Who/What is Ragged Foils?

Ragged Foils Productions was created by Actor, Voice Over Artist and Director Natalie Winter in 2019 with a view to producing a range of work across Audio and Theatre.

Our ongoing project, The Ragged Scratch Podcast, is out now!

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The Ragged Scratch Podcast - Episodes and More!


The Ragged Scratch Podcast is a new writing night… in podcast form! Each season we bring you 12 bite-sized audio dramas over 6 episodes, plus interviews with the creatives involved. Like a chocolate box of audio goodies, we cover a range of genres and styles, so there’s bound to be something each season that you’ll love! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,  Stitcher  and Podbean, or below!


Get Involved!


Applications are open for our special season in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Isolation Sessions



Though we were going to be chilling on the Ragged Scratch Podcast until working on Season 3 later this year, the current pandemic has brought an opportunity to work in a different way. The Isolation Sessions is our way of continuing to share new writing and work with actors from their homes! Coming to our podcast feed soon, we'll be releasing a few monologues a week until social restrictions are lifted and we can all go back to work!


We're raising money for NHS Charities Together, supporting NHS Key Workers on the front lines with emergency funding for childcare, parking and respite in this critical time


Find out more and donate to NHS Charities Together here


We also encourage our listeners to donate to the Funds For Freelancers campaign, supporting freelance creatives (like many of our actors and writers) who have lost all of their income stream due to shows and shifts being cancelled:


Find out more and donate to Funds For Freelancers here


Want to get involved? Well you can!


We're looking for 3-5 minute (1-2 page) monologues. No theme, no genre, but we're not looking for submissions that we think will be unhelpful or spread misinformation or panic during the outbreak. 

Apply here

You must have the ability to record an audio-only monologue at home and have the confidence to edit and deliver it as a finished .mp3 file. If you can do a little sound design, great, but it's not mandatory.

Apply here

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